Ace Brandt grew up on a farm in rural North Dakota, the son of a longtime agri-businessman Larry Brandt. Larry died in 1979 when Ace was 18 years old, requiring Ace to manage the daily operations of the family farm at a young age. Ace developed Brandt Holdings in 1992, which has taken him well beyond the traditional tilling of the soil.

Since it began in 1992, Brandt Holdings has been on a steady path of growth. With corporate offices in Fargo, North Dakota, the company has diversified and now operates five divisions: Agriculture, Industrial, Real Estate, Entertainment and Hospitality.

Founder Ace A. Brandt continues to serve as president and chairman of the board. Although diverse in its entities, the company holds firmly to its original mission: We strive to improve customers' lives with innovative services and solutions by surrounding ourselves with exceptional people and products.